Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pushing it Further

Jeremy Jones is the man. He is one of the most driven snowboarders out there. His love for the sport, the mountains and how he has chosen to live his dream is truly inspirational.  Last year's Deeper was phenomenal. And the series second installment does what its title promises. It does go further. Out of all the snowboarding movies I've watched this past fall (and I must admit I've actually seen most releases) this it the one that really leaves a mark.

This project incorporates the perfect balance between a great story, documentary type elements and mind-blowing snowboarding action. Personally I wish that more crews would start paying more attention to storytelling and finding new ways of documenting the many aspects of snowboarding. The bar has been raised by Teton Gravity. Salute!

Make sure to check out the "Making of...". A huge salute to the whole crew that makes it all possible. This is true dedication and belief and what you love. 110% inspirational.

If you haven't seen this one... make sure you do and check out Deeper first.

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